Taylor Clouse

Who is Taylor Clouse?  

First off welcome to Next Level Books LLC. I appreciate your interest in checking out what I can do to help your business. A little about me: I live in Everett, WA with my wife Jenn and my 15-year-old stepson Wesley. We are natives to the pacific northwest and enjoy being outdoors – when it’s not raining of course :-).

We like going for walks with our lab/beagle mix Penny, spending time with extended family and friends, and of course good food. My background is in sales starting back with AirTouch Cellular (Verizon) selling pagers – guess I’m dating myself a bit! Our family has also started a successful home-based business supporting the network marketing (MLM) profession as well as building a profitable business in the industry (health and wellness).

I’ve always had a knack for computers and numbers – math was one of my favorite classes in school. Pairing that with my experience in business I stumbled into bookkeeping. Owning one’s own business is a very rewarding venture and yet it is a very difficult one as well. As I learned what a good bookkeeper can do to help a growing business I wanted to be involved.

My goal is to first and foremost alleviate one of the biggest stresses in business ownership, that of tracking money in and money out. The next is what gets me excited – helping businesses be more successful.

Read on to see how we can accomplish that together . . .

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